GEMTECH” Differential Pressure Gauges in Adgaon Jalgaon Maharashtra

GEMTECH” Differential Pressure Gauges in Adgaon Jalgaon Maharashtra
Series G2000 GEMTECH Differential Pressure Gauges are Widely Utilized For Measuring Pressure of Fan And Blowing Machine, resistance of Filter, Wind Speed, Furnace Pressure, Differential Pressure Of Pore Plate,The Pressure of drum water level, Liquid Amplifier And Hydraulic Pressure System. Meantime,They Are Used To Control The Automatic Valve And Specific Value Of Air-Producer Gas In Combustion And They Are Used To Test Blood Pressure And Respiratory Pressure In Medical Health Care Equipment. There Are More Than 81 Models To Suit Your Needs Precisely.The Key Components Adopt Import Materials.

  • Ambient Temperature –   -21 ~140 -6 ~60
  • Rated Pressure -20 inHg~30 inHg (-68~103KPa)
  • Overpressure – Protective rubber stopper will be blown out if rated pressure is up to about 50.8 inHg (172KPa)
  • Process Connections – 1/8″ female NPT duplicate high and low pressure taps – one pair side and one pair back
  • Housing – Die cast aluminum case and bezel, with acrylic cover, Exterior finish is coated gray to withstand 168 Hour Salt Spray Corrosion Test
  • Accuracy – ±2% of full span at 70(21(±3% on -0, and ±4% on -00)
  • Range -20 inHg~38 inHg (-68KPa~130KPa)(Special Specification also can be ordered.)


  • There Is No Need To Fill Liquid To Gauge.
  • The Gauge Can Measure Positive Pressure,Negative Pressure And Differential Pressure.
  • It Will Be Easy To Install And Measure In Different Ways Because Of Two Groups Of Ports Which Can Measure Positive And Negative Pressure.
  • To Eliminate The Friction From The Movement Of Gear Wheel By The Mechanism Of Magnetic Magnet Feed.
  • Exact And Stable Fixed Position Of Needle.
  • The Gauge Has Great Antiknock Characteristics.
  • There Are 81 Types Of Ranges.Minimum is 0-60 Pa And Maximum is 0-21-KPa


  • Filter Monitoring
  • Air Velocity With Pitot Tube
  • Blower Vacuum Monitoring
  • Fan Pressure Indication
  • Duct,Room or Building Pressures
  • Clean Room Positive Pressure Indication


GEMTECH By  Model Number Popularity 

  • Range – MM Of Water
G2000-100MMDPG,Range 0-100 MM W.C., Minor Divisions 2.0.
G2000-10MMDPG,Range 0-10 MM W.C.,Minor Divisions .20,Calibrated For Vertical Scale Position.
G2000-150MMDPG,Range 0-150 MM W.C.
G2000-15MMDPG,Range 0-15 MM W.C.
G2000-200MMDPG,Range 0-200 MM W.C.
G2000-250MMDPG,Range 0-250 MM W.C.
G2000-25MMDPG,Range 0-25 MM W.C. Minor Divisions .50.
G2000-300MMDPG,Range 0-300 MM W.C.
G2000-50MMDPG,Range 0-50 MM W.C., Minor Divisions 1.0.
G2000-6MMDPG,Range 0-6 MM W.C., Minor Divisions .20, Calibrated For Vertical Scale Position.
G2000-80MMDPG,Range 0-80 MM W.C., Minor Divisions 2.0.

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