Male Cooling Tower Nozzle

We bring to our customers the sugar mill Cooling tower spray nozzle Products required in the Sugar Mills. The plastic used in making is of the best kind and very ductile as well as malleable. The products of PVC Plastics are also made to satisfy the necessities of the customers. Specifications: • HDPE White Spray Nozzles (Male/ Female Thread) • MOC: H.D.P.E. & Polypropylene Code No. Size Std. Packing ETIP 14 1/4″ ORDER ETIP 38 3/8″ ORDER ETIP 12 1/2″ ORDER ETIP 34 3/4″ ORDER ETIP 1 1″ ORDER Specifications: • Material: Brass • Tolerance: 0.01mm • Type: Male

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