Tower Packing Pall Rings

Product Details:

Color White

Our team of dexterous professionals leaves no stone unturned in presenting clients with the premium quality of metal pall ring. the metal pall ring is used in different industrial applications and is known for its corrosion resistance finish. furthermore, the metal pall ring is known for its thermal stability and sturdy construction. features:
•resistance against high temperature
•ability to tolerate high mechanical stress
•sturdy construction available in moc:
•ss 304
•ss 316
•ss 316 l metal pall ring features:
•capacity vs pressure drop of metal pall ring packing, high loading & throughput / low pressure drop, good liquid / gas distribution and high mass transfer efficiency
•versatility, easily wet table, high resistance to fouling, high temperature
•mechanical strength of metal pall ring packing, high temperature applications, mechanically robust, lesser probability of breakage, suitable for deeper beds metal pall ring application:
•metal pall ring packing is widely used in all kinds of separation, absorb plants, constant decompress plants, compounding ammonia plant, decarbonization, distillation, stripping, heat recovery, extraction, various separation and absorption applications at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum, where a low pressure drop is critical,h2s, nh3 & so2 absorption & stripping, steam stripping, quench towers, direct contact cooling. specifications:
•material: plastic
•molding type: injection
•color: white

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