Suction Centrifugal Blowers

Product Details:

Blade Material Stainless Steel, Cast Iron
Electric Current Type AC
Material Aluminium, Cast Iron, Galvanised Steel
Power Source Manual Blower, Pneumatic Blower
Pressure High Pressure, Medium Pressure, Low Pressure, Unpressurized


We are one of the principal manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of optimum quality Combustion High Pressure Air Blower which is extensively used in various industrial applications. Our offered blower is extensively recognized and accepted for being precise accuracy, excellent finish, exceptionally effectiveness and highly durability with longer functional life. We offer optimum quality blowers in tune with set universal parameters which are fabricated and constructed using top quality raw materials and advance technology.


  • Accurate dimensions
  • Longer functional life
  • Extremely effective
  • Reliability

Required Specifications for Combustion High Pressure Air Blowers/Fans:

  • Air Volume
  • Air Pressure
  • Motor H.P.
  • Blower R.P.M.
  • Operating Temp
  • Drive Type
  • Construction of Material (M.O.C.)

Application of Combustion High Pressure Air Blowers / Fans:

  • Ceramic and Refractories Industries, Chemical Factories, Cement Plants, Crucible Furnaces, Furnaces like Oil, Gas, Cupola Furnaces, Flour Mills, Rolling Mills, Boilers, Textile Mills, Cattle Feed Plants, Pharmaceutical Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Plastic Machinery Plants, Hot Mix Plants, Iron and Steel Plants, etc.
  • also Manufacturer, Supplier, Export, of Different Blowers, like Single Inlet Single Width Centrifugal Backward/Forward Curve Blowers (SISW Blowers), Aerofoil Blowers, DIDW Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Air Blowers, Exhaust Blowers, Combustion Blowers, High Pressure Blowers, Low Pressure Blowers, Forced Draft Blowers(F.D.Fans), Induced draft Blowers(I.D.Fans), and all types of Industrial Fans in India.
  • Combustion High Pressure Air Blowers/Fans are available in Three different Drives:
  • Direct Drive : All direct motor drive Combustion High Pressure Air Blowers/Fans are supplied with suitable Electric motor with Fan cooling and also Flame Proof. In Combustion High Pressure Air Blowers/Fans, Impeller are Directly mounted on Shaft of Electric motor. Electric motor in Direct drive Blowers are mounted on M.S. Fabricated Base Plate.

Belt Drive :

  • All Belt driven Combustion High Pressure Air Blowers/Fans are provided with EN-8 Steel shaft extension running in Ball bearing of different types like Pillow Block Pedestal, Sleeve Type Pedestal, Single bearing Type, etc. Combustion High Pressure Air Blowers/Fans are provided with V type or Flat Pulley of suitable size. Complete Shaft and Bearing systems are mounted on M.S. Fabricated Base Plate. It is also available Aluminum disc for air cooling of bearings.

Couple Drive :

  • All motor coupled Combustion High Pressure Air Blowers/Fans are supplied with suitable couple set as per blower capacity


  • Power: 380V/50 or 60 Hz
  • Rated Power: 1.1kW-7.5kW
  • Material: Metal

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