GEMTECH Instruments G2-5000-100MM Mini Differential Pressure Gauge: 0-100 MM WC

GEMTECH Mini Differential Pressure Gauges Are Typical Of The Concise Structure, Small Size, Lower Energy Consumption And High Accuracy. This Product Is Fully Applicable To Any Occasion. The Shell Is Made From Mineral And Glass-Flled Nylon. And The Lens Is Made From Polycarbonate. The Gauges Can Work Under Heavy Pressure, Blast, And The Maximum Pressure Can Be Up To 30 Pound/ Square Inch. 2.067 mb. When Pressure Is Too Great, The Rupture Disk Which Is Connected To Diaphragm Can Protect The Product.

Size – 2-29/32 Inch (73.82 MM) × 2-7/16 Inch (61.93 MM)
Weight – 6 oz (170.1g)
Rated Total Pressure- Rated Total Pressure: 50 Pound/ Square Inch(3.445 Milli Bar)
Accuracy – ±5% of FS at 70°F (21.1°C)
Connections – Barbed, for 3/16″ ID Tubing (Standard); 1/8″ Male NPT (Optional)
Housing – Glass Filled Nylon; Acrylic Lens.
Temperature Limits – 20 to 120°F (-6.67 to 48.9°C).
Paint – Black
Standard Fitting – 2 Pcs 4-40×1-5/8 Inch Construction Bolts 2 Pcs 4-40 Hexagonal Nuts 1 Pcs 0-50 Inch Hexagonal Spanner 1 Pcs Bracket Of Panel Mounting.
Specifications – 125 Pa, 250 Pa, 500 Pa, 750 Pa, 1 KPa, 2 KPa.

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