GEMTECH Series 3000 Digital Pressure Gauge Range 0 to 1000 mm wc by Bhalaswa Delhi

GEMTECH Series 3000 Digital Pressure Gauge Range 0 to 1000 mm wc by Bhalaswa Delhi
Thank You For Choosing Our Digital Differential Pressure Gauge.Please Read This Manual Before Using If You Have Any Doubt About The Use,Please Feel Free To Contact Our Company,We Are Quite Willing To Serve You

Please Do Not Modify The Internal Wiring And Lines Of The Digital Differential Pressure Gauge By Your Self Please Choose a Safe Area To Install The Digital Differential Pressure Gauge To Prevent High Temperature And Avoid Splashing Of Moisture And Water Droplets When The Battery Voltage Is Low,Please Replace The Battery In Time

Each Differential Pressure Transmitter is Subject to Strict Quality Control Before Delivery.Product Packaging Adopts Enhanced Anti-Collision Treatment.After Opening The Box,Please Check Whether The Product Caused Damage During The Transportation


Using High-Precision Sensors And Digital Technology,Can Detect Positive Pressure,Negative Pressure Or Differential Pressure Can Be Widely Used To Measure The Pressure Of Fans And Blowers Filter Resistance Wind Speed Furnace Ventilation Pressure Drop Caused By Orifice Plates,Liquid Level In Foaming Systems And Pressure In Booster Or Hydraulic Systems Can Be Used On Medical Equipment To Monitor Blood And Respiratory Pressure Suitable For Embedded Installation,Flat Installation And Other Installation Methods
Various Measuring Ranges
No Moving Parts,Anti-Vibration
Accuracy Up To ±1%FS, ±3%FS(0-60Pa),±2%FS(0-125Pa)
Button Function:Zero Calibration,Unit Switching
The Product Should Be Kept In a Dry And Grime Free Place
Storage Temperature:-10℃~+40℃
Storage Humidity:0%~90%.
Vibration:20Hz:9.8 m/s2 (1G) max;20Hz~50Hz:5.88 m/s2 (0. 6G) Max
Avoid Storing in Corrosive Gas And Liquid Environment.
It is Best to Store It Properly Packaged On a Shelf Or Table
If it is Used in an Open Package And It Exceeds 3 Months,The Ambient Temperature Of The Storage Environment Should Not Be Higher Than 30 ℃.This is Because When The Electrolytic Capacitor is Stored Without Electricity,its Characteristics Are Easily Deteriorated When The Ambient Temperature Is Too High.Do Not Leave It For More Than a Year Without Electricity
Ambient Temperature:-10~+50℃ (14~104℉)
Ambient Relative Humidity:<90%,no frost
Installation Height:<1000m
On a Circle With a Diameter Of 105MM,Drill 3 Holes With an Average Angle of 120 Degrees.The Hole Diameter is Between 3-3.2 (as Shown In The Picture Above). Mounted on The Surface With Accessory Screws M3X8.Choose One Pair of Pressure Ports To Connect to the Air Tube,Pay Attention to The Difference Between High and Low Pressure Ports,And Make Sure to Seal The Other Pair Of Pressure Ports With
On the plate that needs to be embedded,punch a hole, the diameter of the hole is Between 114 and 3-114.8mm.Embed the product and install the accessory feet on the back.Then fix it on the plate with M3.5X50 Self-Tapping Screws.Choose one of The Pair of Pressure Ports to Connect to The Airway Note the Difference Between High/Low Pressure Ports And Make Sure To Seal The Other

PRODUCT PARAMETERS Medium:Air And Non-Flammable,Non-Corrosive Gas
Medium Temperature: 0-60°C
Shell:ABS Engineering Plastic
Working Environment:-20°C~+85°C
Differential Pressure Range:a variety of Ranges.Overload 3xFS,Breaking pressure 10×FS
Long-Term Stability:±0.1% FS/Year
Temperature Drift Coefficient: <0.03% FS/°C
Power Supply:4 -20 mA/24 VDC

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